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Guys some questions concerning settings for the ICE 160HV, just see my question behind the parameter.....

Brake Delay: No Delay* This is clear
Brake Ramp: Immediate (*)* This is clear
Motor Start Power: 59* What does this parameter influence?
Direction: Forward (*)* This is clear
Brake Strength: 100* Gerben wrote that his setting might be damaging the prop??? Better 90 or 95?
Current Limiting: Disabled* This is clear
BEC Voltage: 5* This is clear
Power-On Beep: Enabled (*)* This is clear
Motor Timing: 0* Is this the right timing for a Leomotion 4031-2050, this equals the NEU 1512 2,5d?
Data Log Enabled: 255
Vehicle Type: Airplane
Throttle Type: Fixed-Endpoints* What does this mean? Do I have to learn the esc, or is the range then in typical -100% to +100% range?
Throttle Response: 10
Cutoff Voltage: (set to lowest)
Auto-Lipo Volts/Cell: 3.2 Volts/Cell (*)
PWM Rate: 24 Khz
Sample Frequency: 10 Sample / Sec (*)
Voltage Cutoff Type: Soft Cutoff (*)
Current Cutoff Type: Soft Cutoff (*)
Link Live Enable: Disabled (*)[/QUOTE]

Thanks a lot for help!
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