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Originally Posted by danfield View Post

No, not exactly. A GGCv2 only talks with GMFC. A GGC is not some universal USB interface for Mach3 or even with other Foam Cutting software. GMFC will not talk to Mach3 either. GMFC is its own Controller, doesn't speak G-code, well it does speak Gilles Code. :-)

Mill, not sure how you are controlling it. No expert here but I have read a little where people are wanting USB but IF I understand enough I guess there is the Smooth Stepper interface??? Otherwise it's parallel port.

I run my CNCRouter/Gecko on Parallel and GMFC/GGC USB from the same computer, just one at a time. Now GMFC can run through a GGCv2 plugged into the Gecko but no Mach3 running.

"building another machine and hobbling it with a 32 bit copy of Windows 7". If you're implying to run 64 bit Windows??? I will have to wait on Gilles for an answer but I think he posted not too long ago that No 64 driver for GMFC.

Will a GGCv2 plug into the Hobbycnc board and run GMFC, certainly.

I have watched youtube versions of guys cutting wing cores via Mach3 and Gcode, IMHO they are working too hard. Say you want to make a simple change, 2 mm's longer Root Chord or a new Airfoil. You have to go all the way back to what ever you used to generate the G-code, say Profili2 Pro , make the change, generate the G-code again and reload into Mach3. GMFC, change it and your done in 10 seconds or less and lets go.

My table is an "H" frameon 2 posts in the center attahed to a send H frame below on casters... On the top frame I have mounting at every inch. The X axis's are common to the Foamcutter and the Mill, to switch over I remove the uprights(Y axis's) and place the Y-Z axis between to risers at a distance of 3 feet. This gives me a table milling area of 24 x 39 usable. The Foamcutter is unique as I have 39 inch X's but the distance in between is variable... I can narrow it down to 6" and cut an extreme angle if I need to or cut a 48 inch core in 1 piece.

For now it looks as if I will have 2 controller boxes... a GMFC with a GGCv2 and a 4 axis HobbyCNC proboard and 24volt power supply... and a Smoothstepper with a HobbyCNC proboard with a 36 volt supply.

I also have a couple of platforms that mount between the X axis for foam cutting and one for milling. My next little project will be a pair of sighting lasers to make sure that everything is level on setup and that the X axis's are even for slaving.

I just wanted to end up with a machine that could use the first PC I ran in to at any seller of PCs and get one that works for this out of the box(No installing of a 32 bit OS to make Mach 3 happy.)... My old cutter is being retired, it was in operation since 2001 and still runs Windows 98 SE and GM software version 2.19. I was there about the time Gilles was starting out. I go by the rulw of old techs... "If it works don't touch it, for if you do it will be up beyond all repair and need replacing!". So since this machine has gone through 2 controllers (Foam Lynx and still has a HobbyCNC foam board) about 4 bow power supplies and the old drawer slides have gotten loose I figured it was time to put in something more lasting, the basis for this machine is heavy duty router parts.

Limited space maximum machine. Between the shelving, metal lathe, mig welder, air compressor, tool box, regular mill and table I am tight on space. My handyman will be building some more shop space this spring. I will add 20x20 and that sould ease the crowding. I have some shelves going up high on the wall for the lesser used items.

While I have had the HOBBYCNC foamboard since Dave went to the chopper style, I have not once used the heat control on it, it's never been wired to a bow power supply. I never had the time to mess with it, I used 24 volt center tap 5 amp transformers and rounter speed control and set it up on a digital voltmeter to make sure it was constant. Cutting coroplast at speed was a bit rough on the transformers. Even the wing tips on my flying wings is CNC cut...10 at a time.
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