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I have had this about 2 weeks, I found that by cutting down the stock prop a little it will COG and fly much better. Then I broke the stock prop, I used a cut down vapor prop, worked great. Then, I got kind of bored because the stock motor is a little weak compared to a vapor, it does work well enough but it is a bit weak. You can get a loop with the stock motor and a cut down prop, but just barely. So, just to see, I took a cub motor that I had used on a vapor, with a cut down prop, put it all together and this little thing flies fantastically, in the living room! Loops at will, lots of power, it takes any size battery the vapor will, and since it is half the size, it works great inside.

If you are used to a vapor, you may not like this, it is a little less powerful.

But, you may have some vapor parts you can use in this. It seems to respond very well to more power, it has a huge wing area and is not too sensitive to weight increases. I used it with the stock battery, a 70, and a 150mah all about halfway between the wing post and the brick, all fly about the same. With the more powerful motor it flys much more like a real plane.

And, the full size vapor will really fly slow with this little battery, better than this will.

I tried to fly this with the full size vapor prop, this little motor just can't turn it very well. I haven't tried it with the stock vapor motor, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet it will work really well.

My 2 cents of input.
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