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Originally Posted by jabram View Post
I purchased a spare H.A.L quad bottom plate, I plan to mount the spare bottom plate spaced away from the existing bottom plate and mount the landing gear on it, ESC placed between the 2 bottom plates and are not covered by the dome. Purchased spare screw pack and some nylon spacers. That way the extended wiring from ESC to motor can go neatly inside the arms and airflow to ESC is not restricted by the dome.

You want the cable from Lipo to ESC as short as possible, You want that wiring and the whole power distribution to be as far away from the magnetometer as possible.

You do not want to mount the ESCs surrounding the FC inside the dome as a LOT of people seem to do. That is simply wrong.

Reasons; the wiring from Lipo to ESC carries heavy currents which creates strong varying magnetic fields and will be right under, very close to the magnetometer making the magnetometer/Compass useless AND WORSE if you fly headfree the frame will yaw violently when you apply throttle to lift off as the magnetometer is severely affected by the strong magentic field around the Lipo to ESC wiring right underneath it.

The ESC cannot really tolerate long wires to Lipo, the capacitor on ESC will get hotter, will fail sooner, generally you will have more electrical noise.

Aim for ALL of these;

Keeping Lipo to ESC wiring as far away as possible from Flight Controller magnetometer,

keeping Lipo to ESC wires as short as possible,

Extend the wires from ESC to motor

Do not restrict cooling airflow around ESC.
So even if I say mount them on the arms, just on the outside of the dome, thats better than having them right under the dome, with all the noise just bouncing around in there messing things up??

That way I wont have to extend the wires from the lipo, just going to the motors.

I like your idea of the extra plate for mounting things on.....
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