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Originally Posted by rcbirk21 View Post
its not all about money either. its about what you are comfortable with and what makes you enjoy your flight time more. if you already have 8x 6s5000 packs, then getting the motor and esc is worth it. especially if it gives you the confidence to fly lower rather than get a gasser and be nervous and not enjoy it. to each his own
Originally Posted by SteveT. View Post
My Q80 at 5600 watts (7.5 HP) has more power than the DA-60.....

Also, I don't have a place to store a gas plane. I store my planes inside my home, and I couldn't (wouldn't) do that with a gasser...

All valid points! Gas smell does prevent from storing indoors... like i said, if you have the packs that's completely different. I was just comparing as if one didn't already have a stash of 6s packs lying around! Trust me- I am loving the numbers i'm seeing with the electric 50-60cc's out there, but I think they are a long ways away from being an option for someone like me... Electric is so much easier, but when you get to that 50cc level, the cost vs advantage changes a bit in my opinion.. I'll take my 30cc sized electric plane over a gas any day, but for me, that 50cc+ is where I switch to gas... Hopefully in the next few years, the cost allows me to dabble in electric giant scale!!
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