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Originally Posted by RCWorks View Post
Do you think the GGCv2 will work with Mach 3 and a HobbyCNC 4 Axis pro board? I don't relish the idea of building another machine and hobbling it with a 32 bit copy of Windows 7 that won't see over 4 gigs of ram just to run an LPTx port... Saves me putting up a second PC and controller since my table converts to a Mill...

No, not exactly. A GGCv2 only talks with GMFC. A GGC is not some universal USB interface for Mach3 or even with other Foam Cutting software. GMFC will not talk to Mach3 either. GMFC is its own Controller, doesn't speak G-code, well it does speak Gilles Code. :-)

Mill, not sure how you are controlling it. No expert here but I have read a little where people are wanting USB but IF I understand enough I guess there is the Smooth Stepper interface??? Otherwise it's parallel port.

I run my CNCRouter/Gecko on Parallel and GMFC/GGC USB from the same computer, just one at a time. Now GMFC can run through a GGCv2 plugged into the Gecko but no Mach3 running.

"building another machine and hobbling it with a 32 bit copy of Windows 7". If you're implying to run 64 bit Windows??? I will have to wait on Gilles for an answer but I think he posted not too long ago that No 64 driver for GMFC.

Will a GGCv2 plug into the Hobbycnc board and run GMFC, certainly.

I have watched youtube versions of guys cutting wing cores via Mach3 and Gcode, IMHO they are working too hard. Say you want to make a simple change, 2 mm's longer Root Chord or a new Airfoil. You have to go all the way back to what ever you used to generate the G-code, say Profili2 Pro , make the change, generate the G-code again and reload into Mach3. GMFC, change it and your done in 10 seconds or less and lets go.

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