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The needle has to turn in until it stops (fully closed), then opened four full turns. The the needle is damaged, it should be replaced. They come up on Ebay every once it a while.

For that matter, entire engines come up on EBay fairly frequently. Even a junk one can be a good source of parts (including the starter spring (whoever had your motor probably abused it, as it is very rare to have one fail in normal use, at least from my experience).

As far as the starter fluid goes, the stuff I have is half ether (I forget what the other half is). I will get it out tomorrow and get the brand name for you.

I did not know how much to use either (ether). I had a half full quart bottle of Glow Plug Boy fuel and shot two really short squirts of it in. Non-scienitific, I know, but it worked. That P-39 in the video usually starts on the first or second flip of the starter.

Using an actual electric starter may not be very good for that engine, as it is not designed for a reversed thrust load (I don't know for sure). Flip starting those is not as easy as with the stock starter, although you can do it.

If the motor speeds up and dies, it is too lean.

If it slows down and dies, it is usually too rich.

When it starts at four full turns, it will be too rich at first, gradually turn the needle in and it will start to run faster. You want to run it at just under the full, two cycle scream (honk). That way it will be rich enough to run the whole tank out (notice the P-39 sounds blubbery rich at first, then screams pretty good toward the end of the flight/tank).
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