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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
I spent the whold day setting up electronics on my helis, and messing with tracking of one of the 500's blades.

It seems like the dampers are shot in the 500cmt. I spend about an hour trying to get the blades to track but nothing helped. It always ended up about a two inch gap between blades once the head rpm got up to flight speed. It was fine earlier in the week, and all i did was change the blades to the new fg ones that came with the 500tt kit. I hope its not a bad blade problem, one blade flexing more than the other, but thats what it looks like when its in the air. I'll play with that more tomorrow.

The new 500bx held together for its first two flights. I will need some batteries with a higher c rateing to keep up with the scorpion motor. I also need to check that the throttle range is set right. It sounds like its holding back some rpm. I also need to go through the beastX setup again, i was lazy and left it where it was with the other 500. The pitch range is different and there was barley enough negivtive pitch to get it out of inverted and too much positive pitch. I also have to trim some canopy around the swash links.

The 450pro now with beastX also needs a reset of pitch and cyclic. Also the throttle range needs to be set in the ice esc. The head speed is way to tame and the tail will not hold on pitch pumps. I think the governor is setup for a 12t pinion, and i'm still using the 11t.

I've got alot of bench work to do. I made the rookie mistake of pluging a battery into another battery again. Did not kill any cells but did fry the connectors.

I'll also be makeing up a 'Y' connection so i can run my 600 on 12s parallel. The 5000mah 30c is starting to puff so i'm hopeing the parallel setup will be easier on the packs.

Thats my story, and i'm sticking to it...

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
I'm sure your tracking issue is the blades. First of all, are they out of track along the whole rotation or only on one side? Meaning do you see a split on the left and right? Or only one side? I had an issue where the blade was literally out of balance by 0.1g and that was enough to throw the tracking and wobble the head around. Those are the Pro 3D blades for EXI helicopters, but i use the CF versions for like $4 more or whatever it is from hobby king. FRP is way to sloppy for me, even on my 450. I don't like how FRP makes the pitch pumps feel slow and delayed with what feels like less power. Thats my opinion and preference. But i would weigh each blade and check. Might be a weight thing. I've only had a very small few of these "cheap" blades give me issues like this. In one case the blades flew fine on one helicopter but not the other. So your story sounds familiar to me.

About Y connections. I've been thinking about making a SERIES Y connector for my X5. I'm thinking i can run two 2200 mAh 3S packs in series to get the same as 6S. But the difference is the packs will cost HALF as much for two 3S 2.2 Ah packs as it does for one 6S 4.0 Ah pack.

Anyone have any warnings on this? I know they do this for 12S, so i don't see how it could be a problem?
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