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Okay, first off I guess I forgot to tell you all that my Rotomatic spring is broke again. I've fixed it about three different times in attached the spring three different ways. Only once was over-tightening the spring the cause of the failure. I even fixed it again today but it didn't last long. So as of right now I am done with repairing it. I may see if I can do a cox starter spring thing. Where the spring is on the outside and attaches hooks on the prop. It seems a whole lot easier than what I'm doing now.

Anyways, I tried to start the engine again this afternoon with a 'little' better luck. Ah Clem, I am using SIG Champion fuel. It has 25% nitro and 20% oil (half castor, half synth). I filled up my fuel tank and using a chicken stick flipped the propeller and adjusted the needle valve for about 45minutes to an hour. It 'popped' a lot. Like it would pop like the fuel ignited but it wasn't enough to get the engine started or even flip the propeller a few times. I did get the engine to do about 5-10 revolutions on its own about 3 different times, but that was the closest thing to starting the engine when using a chicken stick.

Now I know you guys said not to use an electric starter, but I really really wanted to get the engine running and I felt like if I could just get the thing moving a little that it would kick off. So I went and grabbed my starter and tried it out. On three different occasions I got the engine started, but not for long. This is how it went. . . I used the E-starter for about 1-3 seconds and when I removed it from the engine the engine would continue running. It would be slow and the sound was low pitched. After about a second of the slow rpms, the engine would start increasing rpms and get to the point where it had that high cox-engine sound to it. It would stay high rpms for maybe 3 seconds, then slow down and die. It did this on three separate scenarios. Any suggestions of what to do from here?

I tried fuel with and without starting fluid. The starting fluid I have is the cheap stuff from WalMart. How much should I add to the fuel? I don't want to spray it into my full container of fuel. What I did today was when I sucked up my plain fuel with my syringe I left a little space and then sucked up some starting fluid into the syringe and shook the syringe to mix it up. I don't know exactly how much I added, just a little.

Since my needle valve broke and I have fixed it, I feel like my 4 turns out doesn't equal the same as you guys' 4 turns out. So, could someone with the same-ish engine (Ah Clem hint hint) tell me how many turns it takes to fully screw in your needle valve? That way I can figure up a rough estimate on how many turns out on yours equals the same amount out on mine. For example, if it takes 12 turns to completely screw in your needle valve but it only takes mine ten, then if you say to set the needle valve to 4 turns out, for me, it would really be 2 turns out.

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