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Originally Posted by TheEarl Of Whirl View Post
Kody, Thanks for pointing me toward the Futaba S3114 servo as a much better Crack Yak replacement for the totally lame TH CS40D servos that went bad after only 10 flippin flights. The S3114 is awesome, twice the torque & close to the same weight. I will be carving the TH servos out pronto, crushing them & burning them, oh but I am not

Flop, Thanks for offering up a replacement servo last night & tossing me a GWS prop to try. Had fun flying indoors for the first time eventually with just ailerons & elevator after I lost my rudder servo. Can you say “dead man flyin”…bouncing off the walls, posts, ceiling rafters, basketball hoops, bleachers, ground & almost off you & Steve. Hey but I still brought home a fully intact Crack Yak, though little sob's aren't they!

Thanks Vitter, Supatim, Flop, Kody & Steve for putting up with the indoor rooky last night. Had a complete blast.

Those 3114s are awesome. My dad just replaced the servos in one of his warbirds with those and I found an older one lying around. The centering is spot on now and I didn't realize how crisp they are. I would bypass the TH servos for those. I had one of the TH servos just quit out of nowhere then start working again after I had already cut it out. Another stripped a gear when the motor cogged out and landed on the tail which is another issue I'm not going to bother with.

I love my crackyak but I'm having issues with a bad motor(which killed a servo). I sent the motor back and talked with Brad and he said he coudn't get it to cog, it only happens after about a minute once the ESC and motor both start getting hot. He sent it back and is still having issues. I alleviated the ESC as the issue as the motor overheats any of the 3 12amp ESC I tried it on. Now the last thing to check is the bullet connectors for a bad connection. I'm going to solder them direct tonight and see if that fixes anything. If not it's going back again.
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