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Here's the completed propulsion system installation.

Used some aluminum standoffs between B9 and the glass tail cone so it can be held on (with PETG nozzle attached) by a couple of 10-32 screws.

Not real happy with running the motor wires out the back, but don't know what else could be done to make the fan serviceable. I could run them through a hole in the PETG (and maybe use that nice pylon that came with the fan) but that means sealing the hole with silicone or something and making the whole setup permanent. As it is, I can go through the fan hatch, loosen the hose clamp, remove the tail cone screws, slide the nozzle/tail cone to the rear and get to the connections on the motor. Voila.

Put a couple pieces of that 1/4" lite ply crossways on the bottom of the battery tray as ESC mounts. It will stick out maybe 1/8" of an inch into the slipstream.

Full power test today was a non event. She pulled about 64 amps and really displayed some push. No leaks or defects that I could find, and the RC Lander fan is very well balanced- no detectable vibration. Sucker is loud, tho, first time an RC propulsion system made my ears ring.

I set my Castle ICE esc to inrunner, high timing, and highest PWM (24 I think).
I can't find any info on the motor other than Kv, which is 1900. Runs OK with all that, though, so it must not be too far off.
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