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Originally Posted by grampi View Post
There's a couple reasons I'd rather use my DN charger than the one supplied with the 120 RTF. I can set the charge rate anywhere from .2 amps to 2 amps on the DN. The RTF charger can only supply .7 amps to one battery, which means charging 4 batteries simaltaniously it will only charge at .175 amps...this would make for some long charge times. I can set my DN to charge 4 batteries at .5 amps each, plus it conditions the batteries while it charges them. I actually used to know all this stuff, but I've been away from it for a while so I'm trying to clear out the cobbwebbs.

I do all my charging with the DN using an AC adapter. Not sure what the green connector is for, I've never used it and I don't have the unit with me to look at it.
Cobbwebbs! You have come to the right place to get help clearing them out.
I come here to get mine cleared out, regularly!

Your calculations look good to me, as long as we are talking about a 500mAh battery. Go to 550 or 600 or such, and that changes things a bit also.

What happens when you hook up 4 600's? Less charge per batt, or overload the charger?

And as Brian says most chargers have a banana jack output. Mine has both, balance and banana jacks. 1S batts I can charge straight from the banana jacks. 2S and more have to be hooked up to the balance connector also, or my charger will alarm at me. So I was wondering what the green connector was, is it output?
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