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Am just heading out the door, but a couple comments on some stuff I've read here over the past 24 hours...

There are some very knowledgeable and experienced flyers in the Carbon Cub threads who will tell you that some of the marketing claims about charge rates on some of the popular latest generation lipos are not just being optimistic... they will in fact charge at the higher C rates with no detriment to the battery.

RG Groups member RCBABBEL is a good source for great "brand name" batteries... He does them up in connector configurations that people want but can't get stock from the manufacturers.

As I can no longer get my larger lipos internationally out of the U.S., I was looking at the Turnigy Nanotechs which can ship from HK out of China and really wanted to pull the trigger on some, but, after 2 or 3 days researching them and reading customer reviews I decided to shy away. It might be financially feasible for American customers to send bad ones back if need be to the U.S. warehouse, but for me I'd have to send them back to China which would cost me more than the battery itself. I'm seeing alot of customers getting these batteries DOA or with unbalanced cells that will never correct. Also, a local acquaintance and flying buddy warned me that the Nanotechs aren't even built as well as the regular Turnigy... he has taken them apart.

For my larger batts, I've decided to stick with the brand I've been using in my RC cars... Gens Ace, which are said by many to be hands down the cream of the crop of the "bargain brand" lipos. Unfortunately, I can no longer get these from hobbypartz out of the U.S. (hobbypartz can go to anyway, for other reasons) so I found a place direct out of China that sells (legitimate) ones... just not at as much of a bargain when all is said and done but it's worth it. I must put in a little disclaimer that some people have received bum Gens Ace as well... I think you get the odd lemon with any brand.

... I know most of us flying the 120SR are just using regular 1S lipos which are a dime a dozen and there are many good brands, many of which can be bought locally, but I know some of you are using larger 2S and have other birds that use 2S and 3S batts ... so, just throwin' all that out there.

Gotta run.
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