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It is tempting to go straight for that KMB and Steve's boat.

I found a nice little river today with some decent speed and a nice little climbing section. I need to work something out though to catch my boat if it flips etc and gets swept away... It's too deep for rubber boots so I'll likely need a "spotter" for recovery support lol.

I noticed a couple things today, the boat porpoises a bit at about half throttle(this was on a calm lake area) but anything after that it seems fine. I'm not too bothered myself but just to check things, what do we look at to fix this?

I've also noticed at full throttle it pulls pretty hard to the right(needs a lot of trim to fix and I know this can all be adjusted with the linkage too). That sort of leads into how much better it turns to the right than it does to the left(even when trimmed and endpoints set). I've checked my endpoints and I'm unable to set any additional left into the nozzle. I'm assuming it's like this due to the poor placement of the jet from the factory. It's quite clear for me to see that it's not in straight, so I'm thinking there's not too much I can do to fix this? I thought about trimming a bit of the material at the side of the nozzle away(where it touches the stator at full turn), but I'm not sure if that is such a good idea. I suppose this is another good reason to just buy Steve's boat lol.

None the less, here's a couple quick "action" pics on a calm lake
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