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Today i took some care about the landing gear. I had to wait for the lego parts to arrive. I just couldnīt rip my lego sports car apart!

The original idea is from SergioFMMI. He uses them for his 1:22 A319 which is just awesome!

So i found a dealer for those suspension struts on ebay. The diameter of the original retract-wire is 3mm, so i drilled holes into the struts to insert 3mm cold steel. Fortunately the steel "core" can be inserted as far as the upper part of the strut goes so everything is super stiff.
After glueing with epoxy i tested the springs with a 1,5kg water bottle showing that the springs are a bit too weak to absorb the landing shock (presumably at 1,5kg model weight and 2-3Gīs). The stuts were compressed the whole way. So i was already thinking about buying new springs. But then i thought about what i learned at university When stretching the springs and considerably increase the preload they could work. After stretching the springs to roughly 150% of its usual size and reassembling the struts they had enough "power" for the landing.

As you can see on the pictures i have to adjust the length of the legs. The nose gear for example must be loengthened by 20mm. Instead of lengthening the strut i will relocate the whole nose gear mount. The main gear has to be shortened by 10mm. Then the fuse will be level.
I did not sheet the nose because of this and because of the nose gear servo i have to install - a pull/pull-wire setup for steering

I also managed to get some air into the system - my handpumps are too weak to get enough pressure, so i have to get something new. A compressor should work.
Another thing i noticed was a leakage at the control valve - i hope a few new o-rings will close the leak.
But apart from these minor faults everything works.

After that i began to cut the fuselage spars for the wing. This took a lot of time because i have to be very careful not to mess up the wings angle of incidence. I am planning to use a fast-lock system for the wing, because the wing opening will be the only opening in the fuselage, and the battery will go in there.

I also ordered the vinyl today. The livery i am using will be revealed later One tiny peace of information for now - it is a very new design of a german airline....

Now to the pictures:
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