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Originally Posted by gr8flyer55 View Post
Even using their specified resistances the opto is sporadic in operation with the board. I will go back to the 4N35 I was using, the board functions fine with only the one glitch.
It seems the board works fine so long as you don't hold on to it. Which will never happen in a real life situation.

I'm not building any more ignition board circuits. Tired of all the wasted parts and time involved. If someone comes up with a better board that is both more efficient and more powerful, so be it. Use that board. I am not in this to be a competitor, just offered what I make. I have hundreds out there that are working fine with little or no RFI problems. The stronger the spark a board produces, the more chance for RFI. There is a cut off point for performance versus RFI problems. I don't care to argue this point anymore. If what you build is working, then use it.
I agree John with the RFI, been there done that. Beside I thought your ignition was originally designed for doing conversions on wacker type motors, which very rarely go over 10k rpm. So don't fix what ain't broke.

We have a timer board and various HV board designs to choose from as evident by the posted schematics. I would rather see new ideas with off the shelf parts available than have someone condemn the work Rob and I have done in getting this ignition thread started. There are those who seem to forget, this information was all given for free to share a good thing with fellow modelers.

Just my 2 1/2 cents worth

Yup, it's open source, take what is given and make it your own. I believe IHMO that because it is open source everone should have a different setup, that is how we learn.


P.S. I'm still going to use the 2 you sent me, whenever customs is finished with them.
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