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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post

In this video, you can hear a loud click at 57 secs and 2 min 10 secs. The first click occurred just after the heli have flipped to be inverted position. The second click occurred as it flipped upright. This appears to confirm that the "3D mode" switch is actually a global reverse switch where all the channels are reversed. So in effect, you have got two normal modes: one upright and one inverted.

This is not a real 3D mode in any sense. In fact, this "inverted mode" was commonly used before 3D appeared. I suppose it may be good for those who have no intention of ever learning 3D. However, if you have any intention of learning 3D, this mode is very bad for you.

I hope that the transmitter has a real 3D mode built in. Otherwise, this heli cannot be taken seriously by those with 3D experience.
Good observation. Also the pilot was in tail-in for the whole video. Makes me think he's not capable of inverted flight on a regular setup.

Seems like it would be a hoot for noobs to go inverted as soon as they could hover, but it will work work to their disadvantage in the long run -unless technology catches up with more conveniences.
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