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Originally Posted by scaflock View Post
Well Guys and Gal...

It seems that I've been caught up in a situation out here that is going to require my undivided attention for quite some time. turns out that my now EX-boss is on his way to jail on several different charges ranging from Elder Abuse to grand theft auto. As such I'm working with the local cops and adult protective services to help nail the guy to the wall. If we are lucky, it will be many MANY years before he sees the light of day again. Rest assured that I was not involved in any way other than to help nail the guy.

This situation may also end up costing me my relationship with my girlfriend but if she doesn't understand my need to help in this, then we were not meant to be together anyway.

As such my time is going to all be taken up with this situation and doing my best to see to it that this guy fries for his actions. I will try to pop in from time to time as I can but I won't be around nearly as much as usual. It's going to take some time for things to get back to normal but when they do you can all rest assured that I shall return to this craziness we call home.

In the meantime... Everyone stay out of trouble and do all the building you can since I'm not going to be able to. See you all at some time in the future.

holy carp! Jeff do what you gotta do, keep in touch!

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