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Originally Posted by mike_o View Post
I couldn't find a dedicated thread for this post, so I'll put it here in Foamies, as I'm probably not the only one on this path.

After seeing the Multiplex TwinStar 2 on youtube, I purchased a kit on the net 6 months ago and have flown it and my 3 later additions singlehanded in fields, parks, over frozen lakes and on the seaside. Learning a lot from this site, I have managed to get all the models airborne pretty easily and without major incidents.

Being on my fith model now, I have felt a need to share my new passion with someone, and last Sunday, I visited a local club to say hello and check out if I'd join it. But, I was very disappointed.

I was greeted by a "Are you out of your f* mind trying to fly outside an organized club?", "Without an instructor it can't be done", "You have no insurance and will end up in hell" attitude. A couple of the guys were more open and positive, but I instanty lost any interest in joining the crowd.

Before visiting the club, I always tried to stay within the regulations and always to pay proper respect to safety, mainly flying in deserted fields or over water, so I can't really say that I feel guilty of commiting any major crimes. My planes are all docile electric flyers that don't make much noise.

So is this a unique experience? Or are we divided into the happy-go-lucky ebay/HK buying solo-flying bunch and the ultra conservative clubbers?
I have been the member of some different clubs in the past (RC, model trains and plastic scale models) and what I find the most pleasing part of the experience is the freindship and sharing of your interests by like minded people. The opportunity to gather and discuss ideas, other peoples planes, and share knowledge is invaluable. We are a social animal, us humans, and we like to gather and socialize. To do this with others who share our interests is key to a happy and balanced life style.
Saying that, perhaps you found a club that was very "Clickey" and stuck in their ways. Many clubs do the same thing, with the same people, for years and don't do much growing. To be honest, fresh blood such as yourself with new ways of looking at things, new experiences and open ideas of the hobby may be just what that club needs to move forward. Perhaps you could give them another try? If not, may I suggest you try and start your own club?! I would bet that others like yourself have been put off by the reception they received at that club and would welcome another option, with a more open minded group.
That's my 23 cents worth. I am an older guy, but I beleive in progressive thinking. Many times it is up to us to make changes if we want to see change.
Please let me know how it all turns out, you can message me if you like.
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