Thread: Question Walkera V200D01, Top Dog FP?
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Well, looks to be $30 more for the Devo 10 @ Helipal (are there any other places to buy that you can recommend.. maybe US based so I DON'T have to wait 2+ weeks?)... And they offer it with the Devo 8S for like $90 more, which I doubt would be worth it just for the color LCD and touch screen.

I always like the idea of going with the best TX you can and considering it'd be a start over for me (all my old equipment is non 2.4) it might very well be worth the extra $$.. But then, the Devo 10 does not do the telemetry though... BUT, as you say the 7E (and most likely 8S) can not be third party flashed.

They also have the F7 coming out soon.. Yay FPV.. But I bet it'll cost. Pre-order I saw somewhere had it at $290.

Well, I'm certainly sold on the MCP... Now the question is really, which TX to get.. Choices choices...

Devo 7E
Devo 10
Devo 8S

I doubt I can swallow the extra $60 on TOP of the extra $30 for the Devo 10 to get the 8S with the flashy touch screen and color. Frankly, I don't think it's worth it anyway... Which puts me chewing the bit over the 7E vs 10, which as I understand it run the same exact menu.. Light and portable with telemetry vs full size, more model memory and channels.

Or maybe it's tell to sell off old equipment and offset the 8S costs... Which puts me chewing the bit over the 8S or 10..
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