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I've been having issues with my gasser ever since I got a new carb. We couldn't get the idle to settle down when the engine had a good tune. The only way we could get it to slow down was to tune it rich on the low end and obviously that had bad side-effects. We thought there must be an air leak somewhere so we went through the whole motor and replaced all of the gaskets. It still has the problem so we finally decided there must be something screwy with the carb. Took it off and started examining it more closely.

The throttle butterfly has daylight showing all the way around it when closed. The quality of the butterfly was really poor as well. It looked like the punch-out machine needed a new dye or something... It is hard to explain but the edges looked like they had been pressed till the pressure caused the metal to kind of roll back on itself. I don't know how anyone assembling a carb with that part would let it pass. The carb is labeled walbro, but after getting two faulty ones in a row it has to make you wonder if they are really legit.

I'm putting the part from the old carb in there and it should be a whole new engine. We actually made a piece by hand out of some aluminum siding trim that worked a lot better than the piece that was in there and all we had were scissors and a sanding block. It was fun and kept us at the field but I still didn't like it enough to put a flight on it like that.
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