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Soon after last post I crashed my Phonex 2000.

It was impacted to the ground and stayed vertical It's happens due I tried to make stuns, and video link unexpectedly down when plane was turned. I seek plane visually, but not catch them in time.

Fortunately, only wings (covered with laminating film 80mic) fastening was lightly broken, not a fuselage, not a prop But I did not find antenna with filter from video Tx. They flied away...

Only today I have completed repair and went to the field.

Phoenix 2000 EPO flight - 2 (6 min 58 sec)

You can see burning of felled trees. These were growing along roads before.

I flied only half hour because -15 С was outside and my foots was frozen. Need to seat inside car to avoid this. But today I flight alone and had to throw plane myself. In result second battery was useless.

FY30A works fine, I didn't reinitialize it before flight in frost. But I want a new FY DOS AP, with RTL and stabilized flight functions.

Problems during the flight:

1. Tx link was unstable after 500m. This is old problem, think due the 900 mHz link without filter, that was loose. Once I catch failsafe, and feel one more brick... I haven't RTL mode on my FY30A. Failsafe only switch off motor and on stabilization.

Think about step up to 5.8 mhz video.

2. Video Rx is not working first 2-3 minutes. Maybe due frost, when equipment heated a little, link up back. I'm not sure, frequency of video Rx was floating.

3. Servos can work at -15C temperature. Only camera pan servo moved very slow.

4. Old and well known problem with altitude on FY 117 OSD (and some other too). After I see all video, decide that it show sea level altitude, with accuracy up to 10 m. Better then nothing

My today setup:
Phoenix 2000 EPO
Wings covered with laminating film 80mic
NTM Drive 28-26 1000KV with stock prop.
FyeTech 30A stabilization unit
FyeTech AP-117 OSD
KX 181H camera with tilt-shift (was overheated and need replace)
4s 2700 mAh battary (12 v BEC for video and tx)
900 Mhz Video Tx
MyFlyDreams ATT
FrSky d8r-II plus Rx
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