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Originally Posted by bryansifsof44 View Post
Ok finally got my 20x8 props in and was able to do some testing with the 4330-216. All tests were static on the bench 70degrees F @ 140 feet ASL. Readings were with the Castle logger at 10 readings per second (10Hz), so numbers were more accurate.
APC 19x8E
Just weighed it 70g

APC 20x8E
Weight 112g
Peak: 8167 RPM, 3123 watts, 69.8 amps, 44.8 volts
Settled in: 7990 RPM, 2749 amps, 63.1 amps 43.6 volts

Xoar 19x8 PJN
Weight 54g
Peak: 8330 RPM, 2855 watts, 63.8 amps, 44.8 volts
Settled in: 8124 RPM, 2518 watts, 57.8 amps, 43.5 volts

Xoar 20x8 PJN
Weight 61g
Peak: 8102 RPM, 3180 watts, 71.3 amps, 44.6 volts
Settled in: 7947 RPM, 2863 amps, 65.5 amps, 43.7 volts

Strictly from a numbers point of view I should go with the APC, but I will run the Xoar 20x8 due to the lighter prop being less wear and tear from gyroscopic maneuvers. Spool up was noticeably slower with the heavier APC. I wish I had the means for measuring static thrust. I will see lower numbers in the air and the 20x8 props settled in right where I wanted them to so I am happy.

A little difference between the 19x8E and 20x8E APC props. I wonder if they changed there design to lighten up props recently. In the picture the 20x8 on top has a thicker hub and thicker blades. Both are thin E props, but the 20" is 42grams heavier and significantly thicker.
Gulp! anything over 2500 watts on the 71 slick is like putting a 428 cobra jet in a volkswagon beetle lol in my opinion. Saweet!
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