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I think it was just an intent on a mod that is KNOWN to bring BIG benefits, but Sven said "lower blade grip" You need upper and lower blade grips changed so you can use pivoting blades. We've mentioned this before because there are huge benefits associated with it.
Move you servo push rods to the center hole of the 5 available. It isn't too radical, but better than the first hole. After you move the servo rod, you may notice that your swash plate is no longer level or the heli pulls to one direction or the other. As long as you're fooling around with this, it's actually advantageous for your heli to have a slightly forward bias as this is the direction you will be flying in anyway. Get the heli up in the air and see if it is indeed flying in one direction more than the other. Before you even adjust the push rod to counteract this, try just sliding the trim slider under or on the side of the right stick to correct for what it's doing. If you see improvement, you know what link and in what direction. If moving the slider causes the servo link to move down, you know that link needs to be shortened, etc. Of course, it it's hard to get to the links and make adjustments because the canopy is in the way, then I say I told you so and you can buy a front canopy and boom instead.
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