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Veteran Hobie Hawk Get's New Pilot/Photo II

After putting all of the pieces together, we checked out the surface throws, turned on the system and decided to be brave and throw it.

I was nervous as I was the first one to check this plane out (between the two of us), but I felt better saying "make it a gentle toss this time, Lenny...". Lenny laid on the ground on his stomach and gave a gentle toss and to my amazement, the plane glided nice and straight out in front of us. In correcting for some of the mild currents the plane turned a bit, and I corrected, but it just kept going in that same direction, until it caught a tip and did a harmless flat spin. Luckily the plane was only about a foot off the ground. We looked at the throws, and learned that the rudder was reflexing backwards. I reversed that channel, and it solved that problem.

Lenny continued to give progressively stronger launches, and I was delighted to see that this plane grooved nice and straight. On a typical throw, I was able to get glides of at least 100 yards. Mind you, I wasn't planning to make turns or catch lift - I just wanted to see if it glided well. I certainly saw more than I wanted to see in that area.

So after a few flights, I felt sorry for Lenny (you know how dogs look, when you're at the table having a sumptuous meal, and the family dog is looking up at you with those eyes), so I handed him the TX. I think Lenny was surprised that I did this. He flew the plane maybe three times. The first time, he glided a good 50 yards, but then nosed up and stalled, and then the plane went in to a flat spin after catching a tip. Luckily no damage on that.

After all was said and done, I was delighted at how this plane performed. I have a few small things to do (anchor down the battery so it won't move, tape the wings better so they don't slip away from the fuse, and check why the linkages are rubbing against each other at the rear end of the fuse. But after these minor adjustments, I plan to take it to the slope to see if I can get some mild conditions in which to really see how it flies.

I'll post more pics as they become available.

Happy Flying ;-)


PS: If you've never flown one, and you happen upon a deal on a Hobie Hawk, I recommend that you take a closer look. I think you'll be delighted with what you find.
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