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Originally Posted by D.Yoder View Post
What would you say is the best way to re-level the swash. Ie is there a proportion way.. also the guys at the hobby shop told me to not ever move those. I trust you guys more though. Would you say my choice to do the cx3 upgrade was a good idea or would you go another route
unfortunately THAT is a philosophical question and there is not really a general answer for it - yes or no on that ALWAYS lies in the eye of the beholder.

Personally, I did probably EVERY upgrade under the sun for the CX2/3 AND the V4 ... except a working brushless set up ...
The result of the (literally) years over which I spent hundreds of $$$ to do this and write about it, is that there definitely are TWO KINDS of upgrades, the ones for function and the ones for looks.
Obviously the ones for looks cannot be justified by anything or anyone but the owner of the bird. Sadly, as long as you are really new to all this, the common opinion/belief is EVERY "upgrade" will actually improve both ... and I learned the hard way this is NOT NECESSARILY true ... but I dont really regret upgrading EVERYTHING remotely possible, I appreciate the learning experience.
So back to FUNCTION:
For that, I would say ...
  • CNC swash for larger "angle of attack" and to prohibit separation
  • Lower bladegrip in CF or Alum - but this of course only counts if you do a conversion to folding blades (which most people do as it definitely saves blades over time ... the folding blade conversion is an area where you can do a LOT of different things anyway)
  • upgrade motors (I always was happy with the Xtremes, but this is also a very personal area ... other people hate them ...)
  • extended inner shaft!!!
  • battery tray mod ... to be limited to the stock batteries is "just not cool" ...
All the other mods you can do (and that come to my mind) MAY have kind of a positive effect (apart from looks), but it is MUCH LESS obvious than the ones I listed ...

... but like I said, in the end, the only one who can "justify" the money that flows in a bird like this and why, will be YOU ...

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