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Veteran Hobie Hawk Get's New Pilot

We often hear about veteran pilots getting new planes, but in this case, it's the reverse...

Not one week after purchasing my brand new Hitec Eclipse TX, and thinking I was on top of the world for having a cool new toy, I stumbled upon one of those deals that are just too good to be true. It's really delightful that if you hang out with enough of these great RC flyers for long enough, you're bound to eventually hear of some great deals on used airplanes, electronics and other gear.

My buddy Wayne came up to Coyote Hills Wednesday evening, and was flying one of his beautiful scale ships while I was wringing out the Moth. We were chatting about cleaning out our garages, and he mentioned how many airplanes he had in his. THEN, he said the magic words - "I also have a Hobie Hawk I want to sell...". I couldn't resist inquiring further.

That evening I drove home with my backpack, my Moth, and a new (new to me) Bob Martin Models Hobie Hawk - what a find! I think I felt how those collectors must feel when they find that really rare treasure.

What's even better about this deal is that Wayne is one of those flyers that takes really good care of his planes. I'll have to develop better habits as this one won't be as rugged as my EPP planes.

Photos to come...

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