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Originally Posted by pmerritt View Post
You just have to shop smarter.....example: if you buy gens ace batteries you get a flat 4.95 rate if you spend over 100.00 and the weight doesn't matter.
Also, yes, i verified with the post office that the restrictions on lipo shipping is for international only. I just sent lipos to two members on here with no issue.
Okay, I've heard that all before. That seems to be the carbon copy answer that everyone keeps repeating to me. I'd love to try Gens Ace out. Show me where any 4000 mAh 6S gens ace packs are in stock? Preferably domestically. Thats why i keep having to buy these Turnigy ones. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I know that. But Turnigy is cheap enough to replace if some thing happens and more importantly always in stock. The pack hangs off the nose of my X5 too, so it's likely to be tossed in a crash. So far they are treating me well, for now. I wouldn't doubt if Gens Ace are way better, everyone raves about them. But with them always being out of stock, at least where i'm looking and the few times i hit google looking. It's a total pain. With shipping prices rising, shopping overseas looks appealing. But before now, the wait time really sucks on international when I only had one freaking pack and was in a rush to get more. I went to my LHS and the guy dusted off, literally wiped the dust off, a thunder power pack which was labeled $149 or some nonsense. I told him i would give him $80 bucks and he actually thought about it i think. It was covered in a layer of dust. Had to be there for at least a year. HUGE contrast in price though. I bet thunder power is no better than these cheaper packs. I have yet to have any Turnigy pack puff on me either. Though i did have a 3S arrive puffed a little on one end and had 1 bad cell. I also had a hand full of 3S packs go bad on me too. Same with the turnigy 1S 0.9 Ah packs. Oh well, I'm still checking other brands out. But these seem to be the most reliable "cheap" packs. One reason i know hobbyking charges so much to ship a single 6S 4000 mAh lipo is because they put it in a large box with lots of air pack and bubble wrapping. The box is easily triple the size of the pack. So i've become comfortable with that assurance in shipping. I'm sure others do this as well. But you never know till you actually order.

I'm also thinking of ordering another few turnigy .9 Ah packs and waiting for those. Since they are not ever in stock in the US warehouse. I'm going to try to keep them under tight lipo control for max life. See how many cycles i get this time and keep an actual count, now that i have an app for that. Best i could tell those and the ones i got from wow were the best ones on life span. The ebay ones i got really just went to hell quickly. Same with the stock D05 packs. I also had some cheaper 650 mAh packs that only had charge plugs on them and i had to put my own JST on in place, those also degraded really rapidly.
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