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Originally Posted by flying-llama View Post
I bought 4 white & 4 orange GWS mQx props from Goodluckbuy at the start of the month and they came in today.
The 4 white props ended-up as 4 gray props. Not ideal, but okay.
The 4 orange props are all EP5443R (no EP5443), so I only have orange props that turn in 1 direction. Not okay.

I will see what emailing them will result in.
Originally ordered Oct. 1 and arrived Oct. 26 (missing some orange props)..
It took several emails, including one to what turns out to be a dead email account, plus some emailed pictures,
but the missing props arrived on Dec. 04.

I put on 4 GWS props: 3 seemed balanced, one needed balancing with tape.
So far flown indoors: compared to stock, more altitude drift and more 'cyclic' drift and response (I needed to lower rates and add expo).

In some not too careful testing, current draw seems similar to stock:
WOT stock test in June (~65 degrees F) with a near full Hyperion 1s550mAh: 3.1A peak, 11W peak.
Similar WOT GWS test in Dec (~45 degrees F, motors now a little older and 1 replaced): 2.9A peak, 10W peak.
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