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Originally Posted by DarkWolf View Post
I see the Master CP comes with a Devo, it's [the heli] brand new this year, no? Also see they came out with a Genuis CP V2 recently as well but it's smaller than I want.

So your saying the Master CP flies BETTER than the V200? Out of the box, or alot of tuning required?

I've certainly not written off just going with a CP. Just want to be sure I go with the right one.

Also, you say the servos are easily stripped, but it comes with WK-7.6-9s which are metal gear. Just shoddy?
It flies much better than the V200D01. The V200D01 has a very basic 3 axis gyro. For a start you have to get the heli up into the air quickly in order to get the 3 axis gyro to work. There is also a severe buckling tendency as it comes out of turns heading towards the wind. I didn't have to tune mine.

The version that I got came with 7-6-6 servos that are plastic geared. They may well have updated the model with new metal geared servos. In that case, you may not need to change them. You better double check on this because I am still seeing 7-6-6 in the description of some site.

The Devo 7 is cumbersome to program and does not have telemetry. The Devo 7e has a better interface but less switches. There had also been been some complaints about the gimbal sticks. The safest transmitter to go for would be the Devo 10 but that would be more expensive. You should also note that the Master CP does not come with telemetry enabled. You need to update the firmware with an adapter which you need to buy in order to have telemetry

The main attraction of this heli is that it is built like a tank. Walkera is using a type of thick plastic which they have never used before. I am still using the same main and tail blades, main and feathering shaft, canopy and skids after 20 crashes.
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