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Originally Posted by NitroCharged View Post
Absolutely beautiful build Fred!

I've followed from the beginning and enjoyed every progress photo along the way.

My dream is, of course, a 15mm EDF Nano Hawk so I stalk and watch others to gain valuable info in preparation (I got the ChrisT controller here - just waiting on a new cap) to build mine.

The flash images looked the best to me.

I hope it does putt around the sky - means it will make a brilliant indoor flyer!
Thank you Dave.

Your expertise, opinions, and approval mean a whole lot to me, and thouands of RCG regulars, so thank you again. Your 20mm testing from the past was well studied by me before plunging into this build.

I know what you mean by the flight expectations using brushed motors, and if I get an indoor flyer only that is OK by me. Seems to put out as much thrust on the bench as the 30mm in my aged Omega V1 project jet, and that flew just fine. I just couldn't get it below 24 grams this time without special electronics, so we will see. Even the Horizon Eflite Spectrum Board would have saved weight, but it is too darn big to fit in this size jet, go figure that! I am not unhappy with the weight but nothing is ever light enough. I did learn a ton on this one for future projects.

The Chris T nano Squall, controller, and 15mm is so cool. I wish I was that far along into sub-micros and I would cut a 15mm T-45 Hawk for both of us to see if I could get it super, super light! Just not in the cards right now, I'm still new to 20mm!

Anyway hope you also like that it's dressed in Aussie Uniform (hehehe). Haven't had any shop time since yesterday, but will get her ready first chance I get.

Thanks again Sir.

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