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Radio Install

Installed the radio today (orange receiver and satellite)
Also added a battery meter and swapped out the factory switch for a switch harness with a charging jack on it. (That charging jack will not get sealed into the radio box, I'll leave it hanging out)

Had the darnedest time trying to bind the radio, until my foggy memory kicked in about the last time I went through this.

I keep forgetting that I installed a back-light kit in my transmitter a while ago.
If you don't turn that back-light off (I installed a switch at the time), It will not bind.
Not a problem with the new DSM2X receivers but the orange ones are DSM2 only.
They do the job though.

As soon as I remembered that (after a frustrating 45 minutes) it worked fine.

Poured the shot into the keel today too. I jury rigged a funnel to dump it in with (with which to dump it in?) Grammar!
Once it was in, I squeezed about 300ML of lepages white glue into a container and diluted it with some water, so it would pour and run a little better.
The same funnel was used to pour the glue mixture in. Easy cleanup.

From what I read, I may have to add a bit more lead in time, as some people have found the new FW to be a bit tender.
Not going to jump the gun here, I'll wait and form my own opinion on that.
Maybe on real windy days I'll put in some extra removable ballast in the form of flat lead sheets with a string tied to them.
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