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Originally Posted by habitforming View Post
in the promo video, the mig clearly does 3 consecutive loops, in what appears to be horizontal flight. I'm curious if everyone's mig has been capable of that out of the box?

I just bought one about a week ago, and so far after about 10 flights I don't see mine being able to do that. it will do one, but even entering at very high speed, it isn't far from falling out at the top. the one caveat is that I've been flying on 40 weather, so maybe the battery isn't reaching full performance (I am keeping the battery inside until the very last moment).

otherwise I'm happy with it and really enjoy flying it, but looking back over the promo video, I wonder if mine is quite up to snuff.
Check the tailpipe for wiring obstructions & be sure to use a top-quality pack. The stock pack sucks.

With the gear on, I can do endless loops with my Hyp 240s, Hyp 320s, and TP 325s. I can even do a rolling climb on the way up with the TP 325s. Without the gear, I can do two full vertical rolls on the way up with the TP 325s & still have enough momentum to get over the top of a loop. With the TP 325s, I can do huge loops & huge Cuban-eights with & without the gear. See below:

Sans gear on a TP 325 65c:

UMX MiG 15 sans gear - performance demo (5 min 18 sec)

With the gear. First pack is a TP 325 65c. Second pack is a Hyp 320 25c. Third pack is a Hyp 240 25c:

UMX MiG flight testing - Thunder Power 325 mAh 65c + Hyperion 320 & 240 mAh 25c packs (15 min 45 sec)

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