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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
1C charging of LiPolys is extremly out of date. I first started charging at 3C over 7 years ago. Most of my LiPolys get charged at 3 to 5c and a few up to 10-12C. A 3C charge is under 20 minutes. Three LiPolys and two chargers or one dual output charger and a plane can be flown non stop all day long. Typical flight time for me is 5 minutes which is really closer to 6 min. if you count take off and landing. Time walking to and from pits and swapping Lipolys places the satrt of each flight at 10 to 12 minutes between flights.

It is so much simplier to manage a few LiPolys than a box full and every year better and less e3xpensive Lipolys are available.

Am sure you have good success. But for others, you can't confuse the discharge C rating with the safe charge rate. If the battery does not explicity state a max *charge C rating (i.e. is silent), then it is 1C or lower. In any event, charging at above 1C dramaticly reduces your cycle count and IR of the battery and ends up costing you more and increasing failure points in the pack. I suspect, that most lipo explosions/fires are from repeated abuse of the 1C charge rate. Not worth your plane or house going up in smoke or worse.
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