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Originally Posted by bobepine View Post
Hi Pat,

I'm currently subscribed to HK notification system so I will know right away when these F-20 ESCs will be in stock again. I don't have any. I switched to using RCX 20 amps ESCs that are pre-flashed with simonk's firmware. They are good but the price is quite a bit more.

You know, I'm pretty sure that one of the RCX ESCs would work in conjunction with the F-20s. These ESCs are speedy and they will easily pick up on any discrepancy and I think it will fly just fine. Mine are all spoken for, though. Sorry, mate. You may be able to get your hands on a 20 amps RCTimer simonk esc on Ebay. That would probably work, too.

You might want to remove the heatshrink on that ESC and make sure the soldering points are all in good shape, by the way.


I'm pretty much having zero luck in my search so far, this really stinks. I believe I'll just have to consume a great deal of beer....Yup, that should help. I went ahead and removed the heatshrink on the ESC and the soldering points were perfect.

I may try the RCTimer esc's, but timecop didn't seem to think to highly of them.

"This is same ol' rctimer esc with following design shortcomings:

1) No crystal. Runs off internal oscillator. Throttle range will drift with temperatures, might not start in winter without re-calibrating low-endpoint, will drift as esc heats up while running. Fail.
2) Antique P/N FET design. No one should be making these anymore. Loss of efficiency due to slower P-fet switching, more heat, etc. Costs them nothing to copy all-nfet design like F30/BlueSeries/etc.
3) No commission to simon, while still charging more than the usual 30A esc - it costs them absolutely nothing to load one or another firmware."

I've also tried a search on google and ebay looking for "RCX 20amp esc" and nothing really pops-up...getting frustrated...Just want to fly this bird, and I'm having a bunch of little headaches just trying to find some damn parts. Yep, time for beer, getting pissed.

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