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in regards to the last picture posting, and to the subject of the CSS Virginia Model..

as a duly noted citizen from the city that was the capital of the Confederated states of America. I would like to personally thank the Modeler responsible for getting the flag right.

and of course congratulate them on a fantastic model!

for those out there that have no idea what I'm talking about... and I'm sure there aren't many because of the focus on historical accuracy when it comes to the scale models... .

But.. ( and here is me sticking out my big But againg ) The Flag on top of the General Lee car on the Dukes of Hazard is not the confederate flag despite what various media outlets and assorted rednecks might tell you..

That flag is more the Navel skip Jack of the Confederate army of Tennessee, that was later adopted by various fringe groups and is known as a "rebel" flag.

the flag of the CSS, had three bars, two red, one, white, and a circle of stars to represent the confederate states, much like the American flag.

Which was the problem..

The CSS flag so closely resembled the US flag, that confederate troops often came under friendly fire in the heat of battle, and fog of war. So, the CSS battle flag was adopted. That flag had the stars and bars, but was squared and had gold fringe. instead of rectangular with out fringe.

okay.. rant off...

carry on folks...
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