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Its not that I hate Spektrum, I just dont trust it and have seen and experienced first hand too many failures. My last loss of signal was the last straw because I was preparing to start flying larger planes with larger, more dangerous propellors; my 70" Extra, 1/4 Cub and 1/5 P-47 are all swinging 20+ inch propellors and I was not comfortable loosing control with one of those. Not to mention each one of those had significant funds invested.

I do appreciate your backing up your comments, but since the only issue brought up was backwards compatibility (now solved), I cannot see any reason why I would not move forward with my purchase. Had there been other issues with customer relations I would reconsider... but I am not going to try to listen to all those podcasts from the last two years (no patience for that) Not to mention I have found their support top notch. When I was on the learning curve, and there is a learning curve coming from Spektrum/JR, their pilots spent hours with me over the phone and at events programming my planes and teaching me the ropes.

I do admit, I was upset that my 9c (not for sale) and my 10c (for sale) were not compatible with FHSS, but by no means did I felt like I was being screwed. It might have been inconsiderate, but they did that because only the higher end rx's supported the higher resolution. I felt it just came with the territory of wanting the best performance out of a top of the line radio.

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