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With the Arielrons versus LEF situation... they are very different.
Even though the flaps are 'larger' they have very little torsional twist - but the seemingly 'much chunkier', at the root end anyway, LEF, can twist notably more - just testing by hand.
So I have zero worry about the ailerons capabilty, but many times more worry about the LEF!

I decide on 2.5mm ply faces.
It will end up overkill, but will also supply what is needed (plus that more) in an easy manner, with very workable material - just slap it on flat! No slots etc required.
Once you laminate a face that is a huge surface area, so you add a huge amount of strength.
It even provides a 'bonus' in that it allows a fully rigid hinge mounting support - versus otherwise just foam slots etc.
So all in all, ply facing won the 'competition' hands down.....

Though I only have 2.5mm here.. and really 1.5mm would do fine, and be lighter and even easier to work with. So That is the current toss up.... as I would have to wait till a weekday to get some!
I will make one 2.5mm soon today and see what I think about makign do with that excess....

All yesterday was "Fix up the Su-35 landing gear day".... well, it was supposed to be an hour or so.... and totalled over eight!!! But I guess I ended up with a notably improved total.....
I covered from "go to whoa", so that will go into my Blog, maybe a bit posted here too later.
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