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Originally Posted by grampi View Post
Forgive me but I guess I'm out of of touch with all these acronyms...what is JST? I don't think I want to charge multiple batteries off of one outlet....charging 4 batteries on one outlet would mean I'd only have a max amperage of .5 amps...that would make for some pretty slow charges...being able to use all 4 charging outlets would give me a lot more if I can just find out where to buy the connectors and pins so I can make my own charging adapters....
JST is the type of connector your 120SR, and it's battery, have.
You will use your 1cell outlet for 1cell batteries. That can be as many batteries as you want (in theory) on a proper harness.
Your charger has a max. output of 2amps. It can/should all come out the 1cell outlet.
Most recommend charging at 1C. You could charge four 500mAh batteries at 1C with your charger that puts out 2A through the 1cell outlet.
You need you find a connector to go from JST to whatever that is for your 1cell output to charge the lipo(s) for your 120SR.
This is the basic, plug-n-play method. If you want to get into funky wiring beyond that, well, go for it. I can't help with that.
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