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Originally Posted by RoboSerg View Post
peterlngh thanks for extensive answers!

I am now actually thinking between phoenix 2000 OR durafly dynamic-s.
What I like about dynamic-s is that its more durable, has higher quality and just looks cool The downside is 1560mm wingspan vs 2000mm for phoenix.
Price difference isnt that much 78.72USD vs 111USD. Another pro for dynamic-s its available in german warehouse as PNF.

So I woudnt write all this if I didnt want to know your opinion. Does anyone has both of them? Which flies better? Does dynamic-s has really better quality? I cant decide...
Umm, choices? Consider the wing loading, as these are somewhat different planes. I'm in the process of repairing a dynamic for a friend, durable?. You can get lots from both types of plane, but I'd probably consider the phoenix first for a wider range of flight charateristics, and ease of flight.
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