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Originally Posted by u2builder View Post
Thank you. This does confirm the experience I have had in my range test and it makes sense that they would not put the joint in the if it wasn't needed.
It's really simple: Don't point the antenna directly at the model. That's all.

In practice, radios are good enough that they tolerate almost anything nearly all the time. But to reduce the chances of signal loss, it's advisable not to point.

Everybody agrees on that. The real arguments come when people try to decide on the best antenna orientation to avoid pointing! I'm of the "bend it over to one side" school and have never had a problem. On the other hand, I have a DX4e, and its antenna doesn't bend at all, but it works perfectly.

One reason for bending to one side is that you can leave it there permanently and it will fit into most cases without having to bend a different way. This minimizes the strain on the fairly vulnerable coax.

Yes, raising the TX above your head will increase range. The only time I've had to do this was when flying a Parkzone Champ with the low power Tx that comes with it. We had put the model on floats and it performed perfectly in the air. But when it landed 100m or so away, I had to raise the TX over my head to taxi back.
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