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Naw, not insulting, not at all. See, problem here is you seem to get defensive when someone disagrees with you, your views or your Sonicliner venture. Thus you pick apart statements and become insulting. In my post all you could complain about was difference between attitudes in dealing with facts. That is what you and others did to many of the factually correct statments made in this thread. So be it.

But in fairness to you and others that read this thread, my statment was intended for the contex of this subject. Certainly not all americans throw out ball park figures when discussing any subject, but in this thread, that appears to be the case.

I have no qualms wit you or the Sonicliner; I actually hope it is produced again. My preference would be a fiberglass fuselage, though I doubt I will find one produced in anything other than foam.
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