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ok folks I'm building a quad specs: (my first quad build)

ATG600 frame
4x sunnysky 2212 KV980
4x sunnysky 20amp esc
Crius Multiwii SE

I attached the FTDI to the board and used the 2.1 console to view the board and calibrate everything but nothing showed up. I assumed then that the board had not been flashed so I downloaded Adriano 1.0 environment and 2.1 configuration file. I flashed the board using the duemilanove w/ atmega328 board setting.

It worked. I loaded the console next calibrated set P and I and expo and saved the settings.

I pulled the USB then attached my radio receiver to check everything and the board wouldn't boot. (for lack of a better term) I re flashed the board and went to the console again and was surprised to see that the custom settings were still set...

what gives?

from my research I'm guessing the boot loader is fried or corrupt somehow. (correct me if I'm wrong)

If that is the case I was looking at the pocket AVR to reprogram the boot loader.

I haven't seen this issue come up with the Crius Multiwii SE board yet and am a little nervous about heading off into uncharted waters. any help would be appreciated.

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