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Originally Posted by blevesque View Post
Thank you guys for all the help. My 500 is flying like it's on rails. One quick question.
My gyro gain setting is 100 in the software and 66% in the tx. So if i set the gyro switch to change the condition i would have to set the gyro gain in the software to 66. Is this right?
Not necessarily! Go into the monitor screen in the software, with your controller hooked up, and see what your TX setting of 66% translates to in the gyro. If you have a Futaba style TX, if memory serves, anything above 50% is HH mode, and below 50% is rate mode. So 66% might actually translate to 32%, which is just a little lower than the 35% or so you commonly use in the ZYX.

But in principle - yes, you will need to set the gain in the software for the two conditions.
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