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Every plane we buy has an expiration date. Today was hers.

My son was out from NJ for the week and I wanted to show him the old man in his natural habitat - flying some of my planes. It was cloudy and cold with a lot of glare. The handtoss was normal, the first pattern was fine. As I was heading on the downwind leg, I just lost it. It wobbled slightly and even though I knew what the orientation was, I simply tried to adjust the elevon and it turned the opposite way of what I thought I was doing and she rolled, I panicked and she exploded into terra firma.

I dumb thumbed it.

I wasn't really that upset about it. It was almost the feeling of, "Well, holy cow, I can't believe I actually got 54 flights out of the same airframe."

I have my spare airframe hanging up and ready to go. I will be plopping Don's components in the new airframe in time for Spring.

The obsession, the madness, the fun continues!
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