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Originally Posted by Little-Acorn View Post
I'd use larger, torquier servos too, if I were you. Some here have found that in a steep dive, the SSS's ailerons no longer respond, though the elevator seems to be fine. Once it levels out and slows, down, aileron response comes back.

I'm not sure why. Maybe the stock servos aren't strong enough, or maybe the wings are twisting slightly when ailerons are deflected in heavier airstreams, or maybe something else.

If you want to habitually fly at high airspeed (such as flying forward against a STRONG wind), you'll have to change a LOT of things on the SSS. It wasn't really designed for high airspeeds.
It would be pretty easy to velcro a key fob camera to the wing near the root to see what is going on. If it hasn't already been done, I will do that when I get mine in the air. But don't hold your breath. It is winter in the great northwest so we will see rain consistently until late spring. And we have lost our field as well. Although we have a very good prospect for a new one, the land owner is in Florida right now, so I am not in a big rush to finish the SSS.

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