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Hi helicrapter,
Very interesting, your Qs8006 helicopter cuts out the exact same way my Qs8006 cutout during the bench testing I did last summer. When I did the bench testing on my helicopter, I too noticed that anytime my 8006 transmitter’s right turn joystick was moved towards the right to about the half way point or more, the transmitter would sometimes sporadically and totally cut the power off on the helicopter. So whenever this random cutout would occur I would try returning the joystick back to center position to see if the power would come back on, and sometimes the helicopter power would come back on its own, but often the power wouldn‘t come back on again until the transmitter was turned off and then back on to re-bind it to the PCB board.
So up until now, I was thinking that maybe my transmitter had a slight manufacturing defect in its right turn joystick control, but now after reading that your new 8006 transmitter is working the same way, it now looks like there must be a major design flaw issue on at least some of the 8006 radio systems.

I want to mention too that with my original 8006 PCB board the cutouts started occurring on the 4th flight and would happen about 3 or 4 times on each flight there after. Then with my 2nd 8006 PCB board the cutouts started on the 7th flight, but the cutouts occurred a bit less often at about 1 or 2 times a flight, but even still one cutout is one time too many since they occasionally caused the helicopter to crash unnecessarily. Currently I have a 3rd board on the way and I’m not holding my breath that it will solve the cutout problem.

In my opinion, the Qs8006 helicopters desperately needs a more reliable transmitter with a longer control range of about 400 feet for a better flying distance safety margin, and the 8006 also needs a more heavier built more durable PCB board. I personally think if G.T. Model would use a 2.4ghz transmitter like what my J-Power Sky Surfer airplane uses (its comparable in price and has no cutouts, not to mention it has an incredible 3000 foot control range), the 8006 cutouts would no doubt be totally eliminated. I think using brushless motors on the 8006 would really up the performance of the 8006 helicopter and would help to extend the battery flight times. The 8006 urgently needs a more power tail motor than what it currently has so the helicopter can more easily fly against breezes and with better speed.

I do know one thing though, there is nothing that can quickly ruin the fun of flying helicopter and for losing interest in flying a helicopter than a helicopter that often shuts down its power while flying that can result in unnecessary crashes.

But I'm still holding out hope that G.T Model will make some serious good update changes on the Qs8006 soon.

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