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Originally Posted by tupeloflyer View Post
I have a few Balsa 3D profile planes but I bought a Hyperion sniper x EPP foam plane, my first foamie and first step in assembly is glueing two wing halves together. It states to use thin CA as spay activator, which I have, after applying glue & act it does not adhear whats so ever??? no melting or distortion what so ever??? just no sticking! whats up? it does not specify and certain type of ca, like foam safe or what not? can i use a 5 min epoxy? answers please! can't proceed with build I'm stuck at start! Thanks in advance...
Avoid using epoxy when possible, it adds a lot of weight. Unnecessary weight is the last thing you want on a 3D plane.
My choices of glue for Epp plane are welder glue and foam-tac. If you insists on using Ca glue, Medium one is probably better than thin Ca glue to join wing halves. Regular Ca glue is safe to be used on Epp foam.
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