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Now that the tone has calmed down a bit ... a few observations.

Those that are unhappy with Jurgen have only yourselfs to blame. You see, you are dealing in generalities about this plane and Jurgen is dealing in specifics. And that, is something that most Americans do not understand about Germans and well, most Europeans. Americans thowe out ball park figures, dreams and aspriations; we Germans throw out specifics and reality of a situation.

As long as you keep quoting Jurgen and then straying away from the facts, he will continue to respond and point out your inconsistencies. Thrust vectoring was used on the Sonicliner in Europe before it was much of a thought here in the U.S. To say the Sonicliner will do better with todays technology ist an inaccurate analaysis. When such global assertions are made, you should not be upset when those with knowledge and experience counter with fact. Fact is fact and if one wishes to say the plane will fly better today because of 2.4 ghz as opposed to FM is as incorrect as saying the plane will fly better today because of lipo battery as opposed to NiMh.

Those here that think the U.S. has a leg up on modeling skill, innovation, clubs, etc .... know little of the European RC community. Many of you would do well to visit the European sites, you will be amazed at what you can learn. You will also be pleased with the friendliness and kindness you will receive.

Myself, I hope HobbyKing or anothe vendor produces the Sonicliner. I would buy one if it had the right price margin und design. Actually, to be most honest, I would love to have one of these in fiberglass but I expect that most would prefer foam.

Now please, keep it friendly.
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