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If the update failed then you must rectify that first.

I suggest you un-install APM Planner,
reboot the PC
install APM Planner again but don't update it yet.
reboot the PC

When you next run Mission Planner and until you get it to work correctly always say NO to update, choose option to do it later.

What happens if you;

turn everything off
Disconnect GPS - to test the HK Mega board on its own.
Run Mission Planner and since you loaded MWii you need to do erase and reset again.
Turn everything off
Connect USB, wait 10 seconds
Start Mission Planner and connect.

Does it work without the GPS ?

In your earlier post you wrote
I followed your instructions on Page 1 of this forum
I have a ublox Crius cn-06 Reset to 5 Hz and 38400 Baud rate.
Those are not my instructions.- My instructions are to use u-center to load 3DR txt into CN-06. You make no mention of 3DR txt therefore I assume you may have used u-center and set it up yourself without using 3DR txt . 3DR txt sets the GPS to 4Hz and 38400 baud. plus a lot of other essential changes such as UBLOX Protocol etc.

I suggest you first fix the failed APM Planner update and then establish that the board with NOTHING CONNECTED [No GPS, nothing connected] other than USB can communicate with Mission Planner correctly.
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